July 30th, 2015.

Transcribing events of the past few days: Went to visit the folks before going to Silkeborg, where I’d AirBnB’ed a house for the last week of my holiday. Horrible, horrible start to the holiday: V was discouraged to be going so soon, as she didn’t feel she’d had time enough to pack – when truth be told she’d had more than plenty the day before, where I took care of the kids and dinner and all, so that she could work on her novel and watch her movies and what not in the evening. So I’d thought she was done, but ’twas not so – and she became completely horrific to be around for hours, as she stressed to pack the last things. Absolutely horrible scene committed to memory, I even made an entry into my to-do list, ‘never holiday away from home again’, and hope next year around I’ll be able to remember that. Never the less, we got going. Good to see the folks again, and be able to show them the car that they’d a half a stake in! Didn’t find it easy to settle in, alas: Nicolas was acting up, or rather – V’s assesment – acting his age, which had him moving rather restlessly to and fro, constantly seeking me out. Made it difficult to strike up a chat with either of the folks, and had me deciding there and then that I’d probably only take him there when he’s grown out of that. Did make a trip out of going to the Bjerregrav School play-ground with dad, him behind the wheel, which was nice. Sadly, though, K became ill to the stomach just before bedtime (always just before bedtime…) and threw up once or twice, too. And I slept very little indeed throughout the night, wherefore, all things given, I had utterly lost faith in the Silkeborg stay. So I called it off. The stay was a flexible one, thankfully, so got 4 of the 5 days refunded. And so we drove home, stopping at Nyborg to have dinner and collect the dog. K was more than a bit upset when she found out we were going home, but she came around soon enough. In lue of the saved expenses we got her a expansion-pack for her Sims-game, and N a huge box of LEGO’s, so no love lost there. Our economy was certainly for the better for having called it quits; the trip to Lego-land, and the cost of the house itself, would’ve been expensive enough. And mum even gave me two thousand in cash, for ‘giving the kids some of the experiences we can’t ourselves’, so today we went to Sommerland Sealand just north of Holbaek, and it was a great trip, just as great if not greater than Lego-land would’ve been. Same great space as Sommerland Djurs, but without the horrible quques – I can’t recall standing in line for more than 5 minutes, tops. Tried lots and lots of things, and left in great spirit. Really a nice justification to my decision to call it quits on a Jutland holiday.

Tomorrow will drive up to see the folks, just me, myself and I. Will be a nice end of the holiday, and I must confess to wishing for it to end – have done me great, but now’s the time to get back to work. Lots of things to do, and sure it’s been nice to relax for a while, and read some more than I’d been used to, but it’s never quite just relaxing, is it, the holidays are working days, too, when you have a family. So, yea, I’m looking forward to tending to a daily routine again. But, firstly, visiting with the folks, and have the talks and company that I wasn’t able to have with the family present.


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