August 4th, 2015.

Should transcribe the brief visit with the folks, just prior to the end of my holiday. Didn’t feel as if I’d had enough time to talk with them when we came to call the first time, mainly because Nicolas was so keen on attention. So with V’s blessings went up there again. It’s actually a marvellous drive when one’s got the cruise-control engaged; it’s absolutely worth the near five thousand crowns I paid for it. So, yea, talked for a while, and drove the familiar roundtrip to the local towns. Went to the Red Cross center in Viborg, where I perused used books – got him to donate me a bag full, at 2 crowns a piece ’twas enough to fill a half a shelf. I very much regret having gone through that feng suey-period when I had the scanning-company; I suspect it was some kind of survival mode-thing. So those books I had Søren cut up and scan, well I’d rather have kept them intact and sitting on my shelf right now. Maybe I should go to some of these local Red Cross-shops on my own accord, and see if I could re-create some kind of library in my own right, just as V has for herself. Got a bunch of other stuff from the old man as well; different boxes, gardening stuff, a set of binoculars, even an old kite that he’d gotten hold of, thought in mind that I might try and fly it with Nicolas. I appreciate the thought alone, good stuff. Saw a few movies. On my way back next day, cruise control engaged once more.

I enjoy driving these long distances, when there’s little traffic. My mind wanders and I usually allow it so, when there’s so few other cars. The car becomes some kind of tram on a rollar-coaster ride, only that ride is stretched out for hours – that’s really the best way I can describe it. All sorts of stuff goes through your head, and you’re constantly moving and thus shifting your perspective, can’t be held accountable for anything, you’re just moving along with the car. And traversing a large space, and that’s exactly what the trip a,llows you, space to fantasize, theorize, even preach to yourself. I want my kids to have cars when they grow up, and experience the same feeling. I get the same when I go by train every day to and from work, albeit in a severely handicapped version. Maybe around the time when said kids grow up and leave us I’ll take the car to and fro every day, who knows.


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