August 7th, 2015.

Had a great time of yesterday, Thursday, as I met Lone for a chat and a burger at the Cock’s and Cows in Gammel Strand. Great talking with her again, has been what seems like ages since. She’s doing dandy, just closed a deal with Hyundai Heavy Industries, apparently quite a coup – well done. Got ice-coffees at Baresse and walked through the old city at a slow, conversation-gathering pace – tremendous!

As an aside, as I had about to spend from when we said goodbye to my train departed, I ventured past the Scottish Pub at Rådhuspladsen 16, where I first met V, on the 6. of January 2001. I even recall that evening so well; the preceding ‘Unbreakable’ film at the Scala, the conversations about travel-experiences, the ever-growing number of pints and shots, the taxi-ride home, the staying for the night (she insisted on keeping her pants on). Funny thing is this, the bar hasn’t changed one single bit. Even the shots were still 5 for a hundred! I’d love to go there again with her one day and relive that evening.

Finished that book ‘Society of mind’ by Marvin Minsky. Way too deep for me, but one to be picked up at a later time as I’m sure it ages well. Was glad I got through it. Now will turn to something a tad lighter.


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