August 8th, 2015.

Good start to the weekend. Played a bit computer games with the kid, the younger one, then drove copious amounts of non-food trash to the recycling station. Worked out well with the new car, being able to put the back seats down sure makes for a lot of space. Tomorrow will do another round. Saved the clear plastics bags for gardening-trash; spend about an hour picking out weeds whilst Nicolas played along-side. Though he tried his best persuasion techinques I wasn’t tempted to join him on the trampoline, as beyound playing xbox with him I also took him for a bicycle-ride – that is, he rides, I jog along – to the woods and back, so I rather felt I’d cared for him enough. It was V’s good idea that I take him for a ride, keep his bicycle-skills sharp. Has been a while since. Fixed K’s old red Kildemoes up for him to try, as it was a shorter ride-height and I’d concerns about his starting and stopping techinque – he surely won’t be much good in traffic if he can’t set into motion on his own. But it didn’t work out well, so reverted to his old black bicycle that we got him as a birthday-present, in February, and – lo and behold – he actually did manage to get it going without my assistance. Had him all to myself in the evening, as V was out with a friend. Actually my resistance to his urging me to play came about on account of an article V send me, in which was stated that kids should be offered quality time with their parents (one suffices) in the range of half an hour to one whole hour per day – including, for example, playing the xbox together. Was glad she offered that insight, I’ve been on his back too much throughout this holiday (and probably his life entire) and it’s time I back away a bit, and allow him some frustrations and similiar experiences that I’m likely keeping him away from – though not to his benefit. One thing I was glad that I did do for him, though, was installing that virtual PC to enable the installation of those old ‘Fætter Kanin’ educational games that K used to play. Took me forever to get going, searching for obsolete drivers and what not, but was good I did, he’s really into it and they remain the best educational offerings to this day.

With this weekend ends the school holidays, so Monday will find K back in school. Have no idea how that will fare; can only hope for the best. One of her best friends is comtemplating switching to the private school, or well her parents are, and if all hell breaks loose some months in, we’ll talk with them about a coordinated switch, if at all possible. Really keeping my fingers crossed on this one.


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