August 11th, 2015.

Yesterday went to the dentist’s, for a ten minute visit – no holes, yay! So that’s 200 crowns only – there really is a huge financial benefit to taking care of your dentals, isn’t there.

Finished that great book, ‘the Martian’. Really a fine little pick in between those heavy-weighters I’ve been slugging about, recently. The whole ‘Robinson Crusoe on Mars’-theme played out really well. Sadly – once one knows the ending – it’s not a book that’ll be picked up again. But I’ll be sure to check out the movie when it comes out later this year.

I’ll stop reading for a short while, in order to transcribe those ‘flea-adventures’ tales I spin to N every night into actual stories in writing. Plan to publish to for free on the net, so others – if any – might benefit. Hey, you don’t turn shit down when it’s free, right?

V donned the bicycle and rode with Nicolas to Kindergarten – first time out! I hadn’t thought he’d be able to do that – from my training with him he’d be crap at starting and stopping. But she figured out a way to give him a push-start, and from there he performed admirably. And, best of all, his best friend Gustav was there to witness and admire it – you just can’t buy that kind of street-cred.


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