August 15th, 2015.

Went with K to the Kragerup Gods ‘Go High’ challenge – a tree-climbing bonanza, with enough cableways to conquer that you’d never want to do another. Had promised her for a hundred years, ever since she shied away from doing a cableway since she was 7. Well, today she did some fifty or even more, I lost count in the end. Great outing, and have the traditional pictures to prove it. Climbed for some 6 hours before we’d had enough and called it a day. Great place, will definitely get back there with N, too. When he’s 10 or so.

Had wanted to spend the night out-doors in a tent, but past the 7 kilometer hike to the spot we were supposed to occupy K got into stomach troubles, so I decided to call V and have her pick us up. It’s getting to be a nasty habit, this stomach trouble thing, and I’m suspecting some mental cause of it. School? Hormones raging through her? Whichever, it’s a nuisance. She builds it up in her head and it just consumes her. Sounds familiar? I’ve dealt with enough anxiety attacks in my life to respect it. The strategy I would rather choose is to allow her as much comfort for the next few years, to allow her to settle down, so to speak. Which basically means not stressing her too far, like I did today, and doing day-trips in the holidays instead of the week-long summer house stints – so she’d get the fun of the holiday but the comfort of a home base. And hope that’ll help her keep her bearings.

Kids. There’s always something, isn’t there.


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