August 17th, 2015.

Monday brought an end to an eventful weekend. Climbing with K aside, I went with N to the Slagelse Playland for yet four hours of climbing, albeit less challenging – but I was already quite weary and, well, let’s say I didn’t leave much on the table throughout the weekend. Dennis stopped by, and stayed for the night, and it was great to chat with him again. On V’s recommendation he and I dined in town, so that we’d have a shot at a decent conversation. He’s doing fine, and his holiday has enabled him to do some home-shopping, that he’s in dire need of now his apartment has been sold. Hope it works out for him soon – living on his sister’s couch can’t be much fun, what with her new-born sharing the space too. Rode to town on the same commute and heck, it’s always fun and games when he’s around. That’s the free spirit that rubs off on the domesticated man – yours truly. I do need it from time to time, and I’m already much looking forward to our annual new year’s gathering. Will be 4th year in a row, even, and they get crazier every time.

Hope to meet up with him again Thursday. Plus there’s the new Star Wars-premiere upcoming, will take a shot at that, too. Lots of good stuff to look forward to.


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