August 22nd, 2015.

Drove with V and N to a Red Cross salvage-center in Dianalund, mainly to look for books for the shelves. Very inspired by my visits with mum and dad, and the books they got for me. Cheap as heck, 2 crowns a piece. Can’t really go wrong there. I am gutted about my wholly unwise feng-suey decision those years back, to have my books scanned and stored as files on my google drive – how wrong can a guy have been. So I’ll try and replenish my stock, and from time to time go and see if there’s anything new. Actually there’s a lot of stuff that I remember reading as a boy – I sure were an avid reader. If I get to live into an old age, that’s what I want to do lots more, read and read.

Took N to the movies, ‘Curious George 3’. Always a hit, and I can tell he gets a lot more jokes than when he were younger. Good stuff.


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