August 23rd, 2015.

Didn’t sleep well, V neither – awakened by dog or cat or whatever. And we were out of coffee, so that’s just a poor start to any day. V promptly moved to the couch and slept until near 11. I myself took care of N all the while, including a great bicycle-trip to the Magdalenehaven Kindergarten playground, long time since. His new bicycling abilities will surely enable us further adventures, that’s for certain – I’m quite impressed with his skill-set in this regard. And will allow myself a pat on the back, for ’twas I who taught him how – though if it weren’t for V, I wouldn’t’ve thought to ride along him.

Got a blistering headache from lack of coffee, so got to bed as I got back. V paid me back for the morning by taking N on a trip to the zoo in Næstved, that and an apparently terrific outing to Karrebæksminde, near-by. So I was able to watch the F1-race out of Spa – dull – and work on the house and garden for a bit. Installed shelves in the garage, for all the stuff that’s just lying about. Good call. And planted the strawberry runners, should’ve done that ages ago.

Dennis called, wants me to build a moon-buggy-thingy for his latest film project. That’s quiet a task, I’m not all convinced I’m up for it. But will of course try and help to the best of my abilities.


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