August 25th, 2015.

Tired like a dead dog. Prioritized watching a movie with V last night, and thus missed my windod of sleep. Blue glare off the screen didn’t help, I guess. Ah, hell – for once or twice in this life. I’ll make it up, even if the theories says that’s not an option. Got that weekend third and fourht of October booked with V’s mum, it’ll be their birthday-present for me, keeping the kids on a leash whilst V nad I holiday in a borrowed summer-house. Look forward to that. ‘Captain America – Winter Soldier’ was the movie, I’m helping her catch up on those super heroes-movies. Also helping her design a flyer for her latest writer’s course, that the municipality suggest she put together. So she’ll be teaching again anytime soon, which is of course grand. The sense of purpose it provides her is immesurable.

Work is slow in catching on, this side of the holiday. Perhaps it was too good a holiday and subconsciously I don’t wanna get back into it. It’s a struggle to be subtle about trying to chance things that the powers that be don’t see the reason for changing, yet can’t really grasp themselves. I’ll get there in the end, I guess. And besides, in a 100 years who’s gonna care. Not yours truly. I hope it won’t become a tempestous situation.

Finished – I htink – transcribing ten flea-stories, those ten-minute tales I make up for N’s sake every night, now have decided on publishing. Elaborate process, shifting between applications on the laptop here on the commute, from word processing to audio-player, typing like the mad typist of old I once were. That’s actually the greatest single skill I ever acquired, it’s made me millions over the years. Certainly made my life easier as well. That’s what I get for hacking away on that old typewriter those thirty years ago.


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