August 28th, 2015.

Sis’ 43rd birthday – remembered to write to her. Imagine that – 43.

Nicolas acted up this evening: he’d wanted to do a drawing, but it didn’t turn out like he’d hoped and thus he came to the realization that he wasn’t able to do what he wanted to do. Didn’t go down well. In his defence, K had horrible antics like this, and she’s still going about creative efforts to this day. So hope the same for him. V was very good in her consoling deeds – I guess she was trained for this.

Needed some air, so went down to the Candy Corner and compiled a small bag, for personal fulfillment. Have been thinking some about the merits of such actions, lately. I try and look up to the sky some more. It’s the fragility of life getting to me, at a time when there’s all sorts of issues with K (stomach-troubles), with N, with the wife… It all adds up. And so I find myself desiring to sweet things up, and not just in a calorie kind of sense. The realization is this, that the single moment is all we have and all we ever will have. And of late I’ve been in need of taking advantage of it. And not worry so much, lest the adding up should sour the daily routines. I’ve seen V suffer horribly from this, and don’t require the same. And, well, the worries will be forgotten in time, I’ve gathered as much from the books on philosphy and AI that I’ve recently conquered. So why not worry a fraction less.

Almost done compiling the circus-flea stories – look forward to gathering them and sending them in to a publisher, because, well why the heck not.

Tomorrow will attend V’s grandmother’s 90th birthday. I’d like to object to it, but for the sake of having these people attend my daughter’s confirmation I’d better go and put on a brave face. I guess it’d be better just spending a dull Saturday at home.


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