August 30th, 2015.

Did V’s grandmother’s 90th birthday at Funen, of course. A nice enough event – as I’ve learned to do them right. Well, let me be honest and say that ’twas the easiest event of the sort in many years, even. The kids are now old enough to roam free, and particularly Nicolas enjoyed the heck out of that. So we adults were able to eat and drink and talk and have a fine time at that. So, yea, a first for me, not having to shadow one of my kids. I guess this is what the others must’ve felt, all those years. Talked much with V’s cousin’s wife, Anja, whom I was sat next to at the table. Great girl, good talk, too bad her husband’s an utter psychopath. Anyways; eventful day turned into uneventful night, as Stig and I drove back to get the kids to bed and V stayed behind to clean up a bit. Came Sunday we prolonged our stay for a spell, even driving to Fjerritslev again to feast on the left-overs. Back in Soroe at 17, did the chores until evening and, well, routines take over.

I wonder if this is a kind of tipping point, marking the place in time where things will start to get easier. I do spend too much time with him, N, but now I can see how self-reliant he is – and maybe I’ll think of ways to spend just a bit less. Which would do him and I both some good, methinks.


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