September 4th, 2015.

Must remember to mention my swimming-outing with N: V had K booked for a trip to some alternative thing, looking into her stomach-troubles, wherefore it fell on yours truly to honor his swimming-obligations in Slagelse. Has been some while since I voluntarily set foot in a public pool; I don’t like water, never much did, so this kind of thing was akin to letting V take the kids to their dentist’s appointments. But it went down well, mostly because the pool was only some 70 centimeters deep. I’m afraid to say that of all the kids present, ours was the least able to pay attention – I hope it won’t come back to haunt him, and us, later on. It seems like something we should work on. But a nice trip, just as well.

V got ‘paid’, in as much as the government funded student support came through a month before she’d thought it would kick in. It’s still, well, it’s a bizarre plot this, ‘Indian studies’, and it’s sort of cute how she convinces herself that she, at her tender age, might be of use as a consultant for Danish export-companies tarteging the east-asian territory. I don’t know where she gets it from, but I do know that in a brief while she’ll – thankfully so – be back to concerning herself more with her novel. But heck, I can’t object on the above-mentioned pay-cheque; we’re not the foremost leeches on the state, never were. So they can afford this little indulgence. Comes at a nice time, too, for it’s time to purchase winter wardrobes for the kids – always a hefty investment.

The images are sad, and all sorts of horrible, of refugees of the various conflicts around the World trying to enter into Europe. One pictures in particular etched into a lasting memory, that of a three-year old boy washed up on the Turkey beaches. His body not unlike tha of Nicolas’ in size. I wholly sympathize with these people and their plight. With the desires of the fathers to get their families away from opression and danger. I hold my own family very high – I can imagine they do as well. In their place, I would’ve done exactly the same. How lucky are we, to occupy this tiny land in this big world, at this point in time.

Finishing up on those flea-stories, look forward to sending it in.


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