September 9th, 2015.

A decent birthday yesterday. Work was alright, then got picked up from Soroe station and drove to Nyborg. Feated on a great dinner and got presents – ‘stress-care’ coloringbook, some LEGOs, a travel pillow for the commute. And when we drove back, V got a mail that her follow-up to her first published novel is slated for publishing! Great news indeed; very happy for her, as is of course she herself. Has been a bit of a stretch since the last one, and she had had to watch to all her writer-friends publish their works left and right. But now this one’s for her. So that’s good.

On a sour note, the day ended with us not being able to find N’s favorite teddybear, that he always sleeps with. Major downer – V believed he dropped it somewhere near or inside the dental center, and indeed they recovered the thing when they visited it again this morning. Thanks God.

So all’s good once more. For now.


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