September 12th, 2015.

Good day here at the folks’. Drove with Dad to the Viborg Red Cross salvage center, found some nice historical novels he insisted on buying for me. Then took a drive to the familiar sites, and some odd ones, too. Got back and rested a little while, and saw a couple of films off my Netflix account. Seriously considering getting him a smart-tv for Christmas, but maybe he’d be better off with the new Ipad Pro. Know for sure they’ll never spend the money on it if I don’t.

Shifted through his old compendium of the cooling products he made throughout his work life entire. He’s got a story for each and every one of them. His identity has been mainly in his work, and his work ethics I find unparallelled elsewhere – I don’t think even I get close, except but for having run the scanning company. Sure, kept him away from his family somewhat. To mum’s regret. But ’twas in the times, wasn’t it. That post-seventies period, a kind of secondary industrial revolution where global trade really got underway and everyone had been relaxed and recharged throughout the roaring sixties, and just buckled down and got to work. It’s only around now, given all the history I read and the experience I gain, that I really begin to comprehend it. I myself won’t have those same kind of stories to tell; could it be said my life has been easier, then? I guess in many ways, yes. Certainly my twenties were dedicated to personal explorations: odd temp jobs, screenwriting. The air-force. Hollywood. I should consider myself lucky, I guess: I’ll always have some kind of project or another going on, I won’t be resting – like my dad – on my laurels. But that’s only because my career path has been nothing like linear, I’ve found amble opportunity to rest and regroup along the way. He’s got a sharp mind still but I can feel how he’s pretty much burned out, now, and I can respect that, now. I won’t have a compendium of products to boast of, but I’ll have other kinds of legacies. Notably, I hope, kids who felt they had a father who was a presence in their childhood. Secondly, a movie with my name on it. A company I ran very succesfully for 6 years. A wife that I was able to support financially, so that she might write books and run writing seminars so as to inspire others. Those sorts of things. At least I want to believe that’s a decent legacy, and certainly hope it’ll suffice. If not, hell, I’m not done just yet.


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