September 20th, 2015.

With the family off to Oslo for most of the weekend – they get back tomorrow at noon – I’m getting lots done. Still most of it is for the family, but I did leave a couple of hours free in the evening to watch a movie and a half. Stuff done included trips to Slagelse, to return the iPad we got K for christmas, now that there’s a new and better kind on the horizon. And picked up N’s christmas present – lots and lots of Dinosaur LEGOs. Good to have that squared away already. Then back and got to work, demolition work i.e. Still trying to clear debris so that I might eventually construct a new bathroom and kitchen. They sure build’em sturdy back then, it’s a good workout, this. But also fun to do, and I think it’s even a mentally healthy exercise, too. Especially for an IT guy who sits too much on his backside throughout the day. So, between that and walking the damn dog five times throughout the day I’ll say ’twas a cardio-day for sure.

Good to get most of what I’d planned actually done, too. V says she’s planning on going to Funen with the kids for the Autumn holiday, a quick month from now. That’d surely enable me to get lots of stuff done, especially if I take a few days off from work to do it.


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