September 21st, 2015.

Well, that was a really sucky way to get the family back. Was in good spirit, I, for I’d accomplished much of what I’d set out to do and all but one thing in said family’s honor. But V was in a foul mood and pretty much only thing she noticed was a layer of dust, from my construction work – tried as hard as I had to clear it out. Made me wish I hadn’t labored at all, rather enjoyed my weekend in full – I would’ve found less grief, and would have had a greater surplus to give to the kids. And I even hurried to put up some frames on the wall, one of which displayed the poster for her new writer’s course – all in the hope that she might regard it and think more of herself. Well screw that, he said, was really pissed and disappointed with her throughout the day. Will stay with me for a few days, I sense.


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