September 30th, 2015.

Really looking forward to the weekend – if we can have it! Have commissioned a summer house from a colleague, John, in another department, at next to nothing cost. So would very much like to go there and take V on a weekend trip, but can’t tell for sure if it’ll happen; N’s got the sniffles, and besides his ‘forehudsforsnævring’ (don’t know the English word) is acting up again. And V’s mum always a variable factor. But remain hopeful.

Worked from home to see three different electricians, as I needed an offer for moving the old power-panel, now that we’re doing a new bathroom and kitchen. So far only one got back with a hefty ‘offer’, hope the others are less financially strapped. It’s nice, being able to work from home, I get circa the same done as I would’ve in the office. I’m not the big-office type, and sometimes I find it hard to maintain focus when there’re chats going on around me.

Took care of N while V drove K to a new activity she might like to try, Taekwondo. Turns out some several of her fellow school-goers also were in attendance, which spurred her on. Really important she has an activity, any kind of activity as long as in involves physical movement. Would lambast myself for not moving around more, but did actually this morning grab the bicycle to the station. Half a year since I did that, mainly becuase V’s had the bicycle at her disposal for taking N to Kindergarten. But now it’s too cold, she deems, so I’m back in the saddle. Convincing performance, too.

Money’s too tight to mention. V takes from N’s savings account to keep afloat. Wish she’d better fiscal control. Some of her spending choices are… questionable. It’s not an all-out indulgence, rather a series of small though unnecessary purchases that get to her. So, yea. Not too much fun to be had.


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