October 15th, 2015.

Cut the rest of the hedge, and spent a couple of hours at the local auto-shop, fixing their new PC. All in a day’s work. Still feel tired from taking down that old stair-case. Believe I’ve done my fair share of work this holiday, and hope that V feels the same way.

Got thinking back to my old time in Hollywood, a great time it was. Apparently – went on Google Maps – the ole’ Hollywood Hostel at 7038 Hollywood Blvd is under new management, and the reviews aren’t great – but I had a fine time, and at the USA Hostel at 1624 Schrader Blvd, too. Taking a virtual street walk courtesy of Google street view is awesome – brings back so much. For some reason I remember vividly talking with Vidette Kay, absurdly beautiful South African girl, at the local laundrymat, at 1543 N La Brea Ave. Oh, and running in the hills… Great time.


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