October 24th, 2015

Looks like a quiet weekend, or half of it: V left suddenly with the kids for Funen, why because K’s friend Joy and her mother had arrived a week ahead of time. So much for planning ahead of time . So I’m left to myself, though with the promise of straightning out the house that I’d better make good on.

Have read ‘The Diary of Anna Frank’. It’s emotional, of course it is. Am glad to have finally read it, took me too long. A sad classic, that’s for certain. The tribulations of the jews around that time of the last century are horrific. “Never again” is always what we hope for. It’s hard to foresee a situation where once more an entire nation, Germany, becomes so aggrived that they might resort to treating a minority in this way, at least in the many developed nations in the world. Thankfully so. The book is an account in politics, in psychology of people forced together in a cramped space for months, years, and it’s an account of a teen girl going through all of this throughout the throes of her pubescence, with all that entails of emotional ups and downs. An unnecessarily expidited puberty, also. Yet I suppose that generation entire grew up too fast.

Long Friday at work, by the way; had a company party to attend to, the board’s biannual celebration of its employees. Big lottery thing, where you draw a number and sit by a table with a bunch of strangers. Notably for the 3-course meal, and for the nice girl I sat next to, exchanging traveller’s tales. Almost twice her age, too, I felt suddenly so old you wouldn’t believe. And had to leave already at nine, to prove that age, too! That and, well, get on the commute in proper time.

Didn’t do much with the day, though: slept a lot, have lacked some of it because I slept in N’s room on a few occasions and thus enable V to get some decent nights’ sleep, that she, in turn, had lacked. He’s gotten into the nasty habit of waking her up around 1-2 o’clock, having to pee and not being able to get back to sleep straight away.

Almost forgot, the call came to decide on his going to private school or public school. Long story short, chose public. Will most likely regret it, haven’t the highest hopes, school-wise. K’s been seated around some friends of hers, which is good news. So that latter seemed to have helped. At least for now.


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