October 26th, 2015.

Made for a decent weekend, that day V spent with the kids on Funen. Got the bicycle fixed, and cleared out the remains of cutting the hedge. Tried in vain to get the lawnmover going again, but for some reason it won’t take, seems like it can’t take gas in. Airfilter is fine, sparkplug checked. Will leave it for now, has become a springtime project. Walked the dog into town and back, delivering V’s books to the library. First of five walks with that mud. I’m not so fond of it, I must admit to these pages: it’s the least assertive dog I’ve ever known, the German Shepards of my youth were not so needy in terms of human company.

Watched three movies, ‘Cube’ which has crap, ‘The Man From Earth’ which was decent, and ‘Moon’ which was better. Latter was a study in isolation, which worked out well, and Sam Rockwell is great in it.

Cleaned up the house in preparation of Joy’s arrival, later Sunday. She’s gotten bigger, the girl, and K pales in size-comparison. She’ll be here for two weeks, which the introvert in me deems enough. I find it hard to be myself around her, there’re all sorts of considerations. I guess it must be worse for her, though. K is extremely giddy, annoys the heck out of me. But, hey, she’s just being a kid, and I should probably fully expect said giddy behaviour to last her until her early twenties.

Went with Nicolas to the public pool, in Slagelse. Was so aggrieved by V coming back and accusing me of not having done enough around the house – at least that’s the excuse I’d like to proclaim – that I completely fumbled the storage-rooms, lockable with a magnetized card. The most basic of things and I got it wrong. Oh well, live and learn not to embarrass myself in front of youngsters half of age again. Got to get in the water again, and he’s quite comfortable within it, now. Unlike yours truly.

Set the clock back, I know from experience it won’t last us more than a fortnight. But the sky was gloriously red again this morning, as it was a month ago. I vote in favor of keeping this system of setting the garden chairs out and taking them back in again, come winter.


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