October 29th, 2015.

Slept really well – 8 hours straight. Could easily have slept some more. Guess I had it coming. German girl Joy is still with us, and I must confess I wish she weren’t. She’s a great girl and all, but I find it difficult to be the real myself around the house when there’s a visitor within it. But K is happy about the presence, which I guess is good.

Great morning! Bicycled to the station, there was not a breeze in the air and I drew sharps breaths of it, vitalizing indeed. Was glad I fixed mum’s old bike, easier than I’d thought and the train is frequently late in returning from Copenhagen, wherefore the city bus is gone. But with a bike I won’t be home late. For some reason, though, it seems to get heavier with every passing day. Maybe it’s just me getting lighter. I should do something (more) about my cardio level, don’t think it’s too decent.

Have gotten the first thermometers going for my home-automation project, now am getting to put some kind of user interface together. It’s great fun.

V did the first bit of her new course, only two students but they seem agreeable and eager to learn, she proclaims. And I’m just so glad she’s got something to do, it really elevates her.

Wish something would elevate our finances. I’ll start out the next month with a deficit of twelve thousand in my checking account, it’s not fun at all. The overtime-pay next month should surely aid.


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