November 2nd, 2015.

Rather eventful weekend. Spent the Saturday entire in Copenhagen, helping cousin Thor with his various projects – moving furniture, putting new ones up. Great workout, but damn it took forever. Was home at eleven in the evening. Driving that huge rented van around Copenhagen give me the stress in a big way: the streets are so cramped, I’d be screwed if I hit anyone or anything. And so I did, thankfully ‘just’ a suspended steel beam that caused havoc on the roof of the van. I was obviously not the first one to do that stunt – it was plaster and fiberglass coating, not the aluminium one’d expect to find, so it had obviously been redone a number of times. Still was upset with myself, and it’s likely the last time I’ll be driving around our capital like this. Too stressful. Cousin Philip came around, which was nice, haven’t seen him for a hundred years or so and he even drove me back to Soroe, helluva long way from his place, which was really grand of him.

I came to realize I love the country-side and probably won’t be living in a major city again. I crave the space, and it’s getting more and more cramped. On foot I can make do, there’re open spaces here and there. But it’s also a mental thing, I’ve moved on from the place and, hell, I’m just too old for it now. I can get – and got – the kick of it for the youngsters, there’s every kind of culture and subculture and someplace to belong. Yet that’s requring an effort that’s for the extraworts, and that’s not me. There’s only so much reaffirmation of my existance I can take.

On Sunday went with Nicolas to the Ringsted public pool, as Slagelse’s was closed. Spent two hours in the water, horrendously long but we sure got clean. And it was nice to do something with him as I’d been gone for the whole Saturday. Played LEGO’s with him in the evening, too, so hope he got his fill of dad in. Joy the German girl is with us still, will be for the whole next week. I do look forward to her not being here; I can’t really me myself around the house. Pathetic, I know.

Looking forward to the next weekend, when I’ll be visiting the folks and watch James Bond with the old man. Actually will do a double-take, as V suggested her dad would find it fun to go to the movies sans his wife, who talks through entire features and have the others in the audience yell at her. So, yea, I can do that for him.


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