November 15th, 2015.

Put some overtime in this Sunday, to boost my score in that regard. Just got all my overtime paid into account, I consider it my yearly bonus. Saved my butt, too, or I’d come out with a serious deficit around year’s end. So I’d better get cracking on adding the hours up, for next year’s payment.

Reading ‘Fahrenheit 451′ that I got dad to buy when I visited with them this other week. It’s really good, by which I mean haunting and claustrophobic. I’m making it out to be about intellectual demise, but it could be about anything you wanted it to be about. Extremely well written.

A good weekend for getting different things done. Played LEGOs with Nicolas, and then was granted time to work on the railing for the downstairs staircase. Did good, too, if I must say so myself, assembled and painted the thing white and V likes it. So I’ll like it too, at least for as long as she sticks by that feeling. I do find it particularly peculiar: that she’s so inept at visualizing the possibilities that I describe to her – she’s a damn published writer, for goodness’ sake, she should be able to imagine near everything. But I guess it doesn’t work that way.

Great to have K home – though she keeps to her room, mostly, she’s really growing up in that regard. I can appreciate her independent spirit. I do regret not having more interaction with her. My time spent with Nicolas cuts into that. I feel a trifle guilty about it. Should I? She’s her own person now. Besides, how much did I interact with my dad, or mum, when I was around the same age? I guess I should adapt to getting on with my life, and stand by in case she needs me further. I’m also guessing I’ll come in handy in a few year’s time, when it’s time to shift moving boxes and install shelves and refridgerators, and such!

Oh, should mention how V came to my work this other day, following a (positive) meeting with her publishers, Gyldendal. So we sat in the cafeteria – ‘Snapstinget’ – and had a coffee, and I showed her around a bit. Alas ’twas an afternoon of much activity in the castle, so I couldn’t show her the most valued paintings I’d wanted to. But there’ll be another time, I’m sure.


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