November 18th, 2015.

I’ve struggled to define my part to play in regards to K. She’s growing up fast, and proves to have that same, shall we say, ‘determined’ (stubborn as hell) demeanour as her mother. And I don’t want to be the constant regulator, judging her. How much YouTube-time is appropriate? Which time is bedtime? How many hours’ sleep? I think it’s because I went from having spent an obscene number of hours with her, as a toddler, to actually having very little to do with her now, pre-teen age. When you’ve been there as much as have I, there’s a certain loss to be explained. I also think I need to spend more time with her in the evenings, and sometimes weekends. So I won’t just be Mr. Harsh. I want to contribute to her life, and although the time will come when I’ll be shifting furniture and such, I wish to do more, now. V’s suggestion is that I play some board-games with her, which seems like a dandy notion. So I’ll do that some more, preferably also during the weekends. Oh, and I’ll get an Internet router to put in front of our connection, cutting her off YouTube from 22 ’till 6 o’clock. Just for good measure.


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