November 23rd, 2015

Weekend of lots of snow. Certainly enough to last us through the hours. Spend many of them outside in Nicolas’ company; he was, of course, thrilled to find himself on the receiving end snowfall. For his sake – and his alone – I’m hopeful we’ll get some more of it. Me, well, I’m always anxiously glancing to the roof; a constant source of worry. Anyways; we made snow-men, took the sled on a ride – most thrilling for the young one – and threw snowballs. Good stuff. Cold, though. But I guess we’d better get used to it. And it isn’t even officially winter yet!

One big weekend of child-caring-for. Not so much K, naturally, she had a friend over and they did their own thing. But N needed baby-sitting, for V was stressing out about her script that her publisher wanted done sooner, rather than later. So I donated all the hours I possibly could towards her endeavor of getting it done, and I’m happy to say she made the best of it – even completing the thing this Monday, much to her delight. So that’s just terrific. I must confess I was glad when the weekend was done and dusted, though: I’m getting worse and worse for playing, and I get annoyed that he isn’t better able to play by himself. Rings a familiar bell? Same shit as with K, and same blame on yours truly. I guess in a year’s time he’ll be quite adept – as is she, now – at sitting himself. So, yea, I sure longed for some parental release – i.e. reading a book, doing some manual labor, so ’twas good – great! – to be back at work again.


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