November 29th, 2015.

Ahh, November. Windy as heck – storm warning again this evening. Thank God I got the trampoline down.

Went and got a health insurance. Didn’t think it would come to this, not with this 50% taxation an’all. But I’m reading ever more and scarier stories in the newspapers, about mal-practices and six month’s waitings for cancer surgeries and such, and given the profitable terms on the insurance in question – special discount for those working in the administration of the Parliament – I didn’t feel as if I could wait around any longer. It’s a damn shame, that’s what it is; I realize I’m thus gaining an advantage in society that I’m not completely comfortable with. But it’s not just a personal matter: V and the kids are also covered, and that’s just not something I can say ‘no’ to. So, mixed emotions.

Speaking of V, she’s fretting about the polishing of her script – apparently her new editor plays hard-ball and, unlike the last one, has her correcting her own spelling and grammar. Of course I’ll help out, it’s for the benefit of all of us. The horror – and a quarter of a year ago she was upset because she hadn’t heard from them and was in no doubt she’d never see anything published ever again!

Really beginning to look forward to the end-of-year night on the town we’ll have, Dennis and Mads and I. On the 26th, a Saturday. Planning on at least 24 hours’ recuperation.

Christmas is slowly winding up. K’s ultimate gift, a new Ipad Pro, should arrive on the 7th of December – I’m so very hopeful it’ll arrive in time, she’ll be so thrilled.

Worked some 15 hours extra this weekend, so I’m near 50 hours’ overtime already – and there’ll be many more hours, too. A shame, for V’s folks took the kids over for the weekend, so had time to spend on the house. But at least V and I got a great evening out of it, meat a really fine dinner and some white wine and a movie was on the menu, too. And we drove to Dianalund to get some used books from the Red Cross, as Christmas-presents for the adults in the family.


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