December 3rd, 2015.

I wish I could remember more of what I remember, so to speak. Sudden flashes of recollection creep up on me when I least expect them to, and I instantly know I’ll need document to preserve them, or I’ll be ‘seeing’ them for the last time. I’m amazed at what the mind keeps hidden down there. Just a brief moment ago I recalled shadows dancing across a cement ledge, a remembrance from my childhood when mom used to drive the old Volvo to Klejtrup and we drove past the old community store (‘andelskøbmanden’). And yesterday the memory of granddad and grandmum’s old cat, ‘Gammelmis’, playing with a poor mouse it’d come across. They’re not exactly as sharp as they were, those old moments, but I can still bring myself back to that time and place. Sharp is what I try to keep myself, in reading a lot, documenting in these journals. In that I’m happy to have a job that’s mentally challenging. All in the hope that I’ll stay sharp and hence still find these anecdotes and episodes coming back to thrill me. For thrilling they mostly are. In the future, there may be a time when we’ll be able to unlock all of them, to crisp clear detailed levels we never thought possible. Although unlikely, who knows if all of them, every single thing the mind decides upon committing to long-term memory, isn’t buried down there. Perhaps there’ll be a micro-chip we can implant, to enliven and enhance this old stuff, and better store new stuff. I’d buy into that with but a moment’s hesistation.

K’s christmas present arrived, a huge iPad Pro that I’m certain she’ll love. Included the digital pen that I’m sure will keep her creative juices flowing. Glad I got it insured right away, that iPad gadget – it’s near 8000 crowns, by far the most expensive present we ever got for her. Not that N’s being left behind, mind you: He’s getting the entire LEGO range of jurassic park dinosaurs.

This Friday the boss will announce my joint promotion, to IT-architect along with Ole. Won’t come with an increased pay, but I’ve gotten mine so it’s not the time for that now. Will move into a bigger office and, most notably of course, share a bigger responsibility; but really not any bigger than what I’m already undertaking. I’ll get a different title on my calling card, and it’ll boost my LinkedIn profile, so that’ll be worth some, too. Good stuff.

Christmas got off to a decent start. V got a fine tree that didn’t require yours truly to hack away at it, to make it fit into the base. The kids had a good time decorating it, and their combined 117 christmas-calendars should keep them busy in the mornings. V’s sitting through the tv-calenders with K, and my bed-time stories to N, still about Dodo the circusflea and his extended family, all now center around the x-mas theme. So there.


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