December 14th, 2015.

Wow – what a week gone by. Couldn’t keep track of the calendar-events courtesy of V, the kids and myself. Crazy schedule – a bit of something for everyday. Weekend was not slightly better, though one of those events were by my own making: Taking N to the Ringsted public pool, this time around forking out the extra 40 crowns for access to the hot-bath area. 38 degrees water – cool, so to speak. Spent near three hours there. Then got back and to work, editing V’s manuscript for her new book. A bit of a mess, the layout, the punctiations. One could be harsh and consider her own editing work a bit sloppy, and she was a bit upset with herself for having let some of the stuff sift through her fingers. That’s really why one should always let others review one’s work. She seemed happy with my efforts, and I think I was able to catch some mishaps her editor at Gyldendal would’ve frowned upon – having sent her back to correct those very same things. So, glad to help, and besides, the time I spent was time Nicolas got her all to himself, whereas he would’ve otherwise just been with me. Only problem: my wrists were killing me in the evening, having typed so much.

Finished the ‘3096’ book, the story – in her own words – of Natascha Kampusch’ kidnapping, captivity and subsequent escape. Man, such an account of horror and physical and mental abuse over the cause of 8 years. Such a strong girl in most important senses of that word, too. One-of-a-kind material, I couldn’t, to be frank, believe I myself nor any other I know could have stood up to such abuse.

Have taken up Poker as a hobby. Heck, with these 30 commuting years still ahead of me, I might as well try and have some fun.

Corresponding more with Sis, which is great. A better way of getting more in touch with her, sans physical get-togethers.


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