December 27th, 2015.

So that’s what a Christmas in Lalandia feels like. Can’t say I’ll spring for any more of’em, given the choice. But we were never given the choice, were we, and so V’s mother went ahead and rented the hut and … well, I don’t want to say any more about it. It was a fine time for the kids, and that’s really all that matters. In ten year’s time, Christmasses will be a more subdued affair. And I’ll like it like that. For now, it’s the kids that count, and they got their fair share and much, much more. K absolutely loved the iPad Pro we got for her, and ’twas heartwarming to see her react to the kind of love that money can apparently buy. And N too, got his bit in; found him the entire LEGO Jurassic World series on DBA at 50% discount, this in Summer when the regular stores had all been sold out of it. So we played lots with that, and will for a long time, too. And that’s swell.

And now it’s all over, and I’m here in the train and it’s soon – in a few hours – time to see Dennis and Mads and a night on the town, and that’s really what I’ve been looking forward to for the past week or so. So I hope it won’t bum out, but don’t think it will. And I’ve got my poker book here, reading “Texas Hold’em for Dummies”, and ‘Bridge of Spies’ is on the lapotp. And New Year’s eve just around the corner. And that’s great, too.

I loved Nicolas in Lalandia Aqua-park: I was trying to play it cool, strolling from the 38 degrees celcius hot pool into the zero-degrees cold one. I was of course freezing my ass off, but after a while it got better and I didn’t care as much. And he was copying my moves, even going so far as to lie down in the cold one and taking his damn decent time getting out of it. So I gather he’s got the strong stuff in him, that’s letting him care less about the conditions and more about the measures of men. I hope he’ll remain as jovial as he grows up; it’d do him immeassurable good. Some bad will come of it, but most of it good. Hats off to the tough little guy.

Notes on the years end. Busy one, yet just another one gone by. I can think of a few things that made it special: Nicolas’ trip via ambulance to emergency care, for one. Big scare, that. K’s stomach plagued us the near year entire, but she seems to have snapped out of it near the end of it; but it’ll likely be with her – and thus us – for some years to come. V got her book published, or at least got a promise of a publishing, one that I’m certain will be fulfilled. That’s absolutely fantastic, and comes at the right time in many respects. Also, they went to Turkey and back, all-inclusive holiday that allowed N to fly for the first time.

And me? Well, I got the house build fired up, and the hole in the livingroom is there and one can descend – and we’ve all learned how – by way of a stair-case, now the only one. Sets it up nicely for 2016. And I got promoted, became an IT Architect. Hurried on putting it on my LinkedIn resumé – could prove a decisive stepping stone when I change jobs. So that’s just dandy.

I’ll particularly remember 2016 for one singular experience, namely that of going to see the new James Bond-movie, ‘Spectre’, with dad. Very likely the last time we go to a movie together, and it was very well executed, too. Perfect evening that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.


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