December 28th, 2015.

Xmas celebrations with Dennis and Mads came and went. I’m really getting too old for it – this formula will need to change. Going out on the town leaves me with splitting hangovers and a desire to be left entirely alone the following day, to drown myself in my regret. In short, but I know I’ll forget and make the same mistake same time next year, it’s time to think differently. But it’s such damn good company, and it’s always such fun when it’s on-going, and this year was no exception. Had a fine beer-and-steak dinner with Dennis, then Mads joined us at the Barry’s Pub, and it all went south from there. At least we got back to Dennis’ at four o’clock, rather than the usual seven, but still I felt like shit the morning after. Had thought we’d spend the day watching b-movies and sipping coffees, but Dennis had to get back to Copenhagen and Mads had some stuff to do as well, so I called the old man and he picked me up from Viborg early. Good – great – to see them again, and it’s looking to be a few quiet days here, that I’ll cherish.


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