January 6th, 2016.

So this is 2016. I’m not terribly at ease with the year to come, solely from looking at things from the citizen-of-the-world perspective. It’s such an unstable world at the present.

New Year’s eve was not particularly quiet, I must say. Or, rather, it really put in perspective those relatively quiet evenings we’ve experienced at mum&dad’s. So shortly before midnight, when there appeared a brief interval in the siege, I quickly brought the dog out to pee, and then quickly back again. And then all hell broke out – but gladly, as I’d predicted, 80% of the barrage was over half an hour in. And the kid slept through it all.

Thus ended my Christmas break, and what a long one it was. And now I’m having problems motivating myself at work, for I’ve apparently enjoyed myself so and so much. But I guess it’ll come to me eventually. Got more into poker, the theories behind it, and, yea, it’s good fun. Those ‘Poker For Dummies’-books are sure fun to read. And the playing in itself is decent enjoyment, too. Though also time-consuming, so I guess I won’t be going all-in all that much. But a nice passtime to have discovered.

Damn it’s cold here, suddenly. But V claims N doesn’t freeze in his Kindergarten, as she’s padding him up like the Michelin-man. And his sniffle is gone, so there. About time we saw some decent winter, too. Feel bad for the refugees we’re hosting, though, it must be terribly to adjust from their warmer climate. So many of them, and so many articles in the news, on forums, on social media, on the situation. On why we can’t harbor more, on why we should. My 2 cents? There’s always more one can do. And in this case, we should. We, with our extravagant life-styles and surplus of happiness and finances, could and should do more. It wouldn’t have to cost us much – seizing that old concrete mess in Nyborg, close to the in-laws, seemed a great idea in my opinion.

Finally got to see ‘The Martian’-movie, based on the book I read. Fine, fine adaptation, on par with the book. Of course the latter contains much, much more, but never the less the flick had much to offer.

On a sour note, Thor’s mum Jytte is in hospice, with a few months to go, I’m guessing. And it’ll be mum and dad, the good folks, who’ll visit her the most, because she doesn’t really see eye to eye with any other. Such strained relationships in that family; they never did get along. I can only speculate on the why, and can only be bothered by the fact that it’ll take up much of their time. But thankfully they’re still mobile as such, and like to get around and look out of the front window of that Skoda – and it’s got the seat warmers to boot. I must’ve talked with her, what, 20 times in all, throughout my life? Jytte, is her name, but I don’t recall much about her apart from the fact that she was a bit weird and had a husband who put himself in front of a moving train. Cancer, would be the end of her chain-smoking life. They all smoked like chimneys back then, to their regret now.

K’s new color of hair – purple stripes – suits her rather well, I must say. And add that I’m happy she seems to have the confidence and determination to carry it well, too. She’s rising early in the mornings now, making her own breakfast, gets herself in action. All good stuff. I’m thinking that maybe, in some small way, us allowing her the personal space to be the one she wants to be – distinct choice of haircolor included – might be a contributing factor. I certainly hope that’s the case.

Great news in the DailyRush postings; apparently those original Oculus Rift VR Kickstarter backers get a consumer version for free! That’s the best possible 4000 crowns-saving news I could’ve hoped for. Am very much anticipating the ‘birth’ of VR and what it’ll contribute to the world. Lots, I hope. Most of it – again, I hope – good.


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