January 7th, 2016.

Looks as if my change in insurance plan – and company – really saves us some 8000 crowns per annum. Combined with the deal I got on cable, and savings on V’s new phone operator that I arranged, we’re looking at a total in savings in the range of 10k. More than enuogh to keep a smile on my face! It really does help ones finances to check up on these things once in a while.

On an equally positive note, the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset – the ‘CV1’ for consumer version 1 – is available for pre-order – at some 5000 crowns! I’m all for the VR revolution, and since I was an original backer – I’m getting the consumer version for free! That’s a huge present to have dumped into my lap – now I’ll ‘only’ need spring for a new graphics card and I’ll be up and running! Absolutely tremendous. Decided to celebrate my wasting 80 cents at the poker tables on my way home – great stuff.


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