January 14th, 2016.

Snow, snow everywhere. Reminds me ever so much of my childhood. Not that I’d think we’ve gotten less snow (apart from that freak year in the late 70’s) since, it’s just that my childhood memories regarding snow seem to stick. I’m guessing that’s because the visual and auditory clues that form long-term memories are activated in a stronger fashion, as snow to a child is, well, simply cool as heck. So I remember mountains of white, of school-yard snowball fights (packed’em with ice), those things. The distinct smell of wet clothes brought inside to dry. I recall my knuckles cracking, as I’d often forgotten or misplaced my gloves.

But I regress. Snow is everywhere, and somehow rigthly so – the December was entirely too hot for comfort. V’s doing most of the shoveling, as I’m away at work. She’s a week into her new diet, which has seen her shed an incredible 5 kilos of weight. So she becomes dizzy from hard manuel labor, I guess it’s only natural if you’re allowed a daily intake of just 500 calories(!). Well, at least she wouldn’t damage herself much if she fell in the soft snow. Oh, the cynic in me.

Seems I had amassed $45 in my Kiva.org-account – promply put it to good use with a new lender. Group of African women, intent on refurbishing their shop stock of colgate and coffee. I admire them, as I’ve admired every single lender I’ve lend money to. The $100 I’ve contributed over time have been lent out 1:4.5, that’s a great a result I could’ve hoped for. They always pay – amazing successrate.

Got tired of losing in poker – this other day just an entire $0.67 on one single hand! So I gave it a rest and took to listening to old albums instead. Brush up on my personal music history. ‘Automatic for the People’ by REM is what I listened to yesterday, today I’m springing for that U2 classic ‘Achtung Baby’. Both take me back to a time when I was trying to re-work myself into a guy just a little bit more cool than his hitherto demeanor perscribed. Worked out well enough in the most important regards, I think. And left me with that valuable insight, that you’re essentially your own PR team and will necessarily have to tender to your public image once in a while. Especially so in regards to your profession. It’s a good thing – LinkedIn and all that – in as much as it keeps your sharp, and focused. And that’s what all work-places need and rightly demand.


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