January 18th, 2016.

I recalled suddenly my brief forays into method acting, when as a child I partook in several years’ school stageplays. Apparently not such a big thing these days; K have never entered into one. Yet we did it every year, and my big entrees cover, to the best of my recollection, playing “the family’s dog” one year, stage-prompter another, and some messenger slash henceman in the Robin Hood-finale of 4th grade. I may have overplayed the latter to a spectacular degree – I recall drawing the largest laught off the crowd, as I entered the stage with a rather forced panting.

I suppose it speaks a bit about my childhood that I should choose – and we were given a choice – these kind of ‘parts’. But ’tis not the time to linger, is it. I remember the stage, in more ways than one, the atmosphere of it. The thrill of opening nights, and dress rehearsels, too. And I remember mum helping me out with a dog costume, I think she offered an old fur of some kind.

Must’ve been fun to watch.


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