January 26th, 2016.

Was bitterly cold for a while, but now it’s gone, the snow. Good riddance. Hate the stuff. N´wanted to take out the sled for some down-hill action, so got up there just a day before all the snow had melted away. Good fun, and he’d just gotten over a coughing cold that had kept him home for half a week, so decent timing. I did hurt my back, though, apparently a kid’s sled isn’t meant for adults. So worked from home yesterday, and feel much better now. I should do that more often; work from home. When doing these one-developer projects I get lots more done. And found time for other stuff, like fixing the local auto-shop’s scanner. Meant 400 dark, dirty crowns straight into my pocket, wisely spent them on chocolate – as I’d be babysitting in the evening, when V was away teaching – and an exercise-mat for the wife. Who’s just shy of having lost 9 kilos of weight throughout her 3 week torture cure, jeez. Very well done indeed, but hope she won’t go on it again for quite some time.

Got V on AirBnB and rented a room in a nice house, to go with the summer-holiday London trip I recently got the plane-tickets for. All in all K and she will have a blast I’m sure; we’re presenting the trip to K as a birthday-present. So that’s around 2700 crowns for two return-tickets and 5 night’s accomodation, that’s not bad at all. This sharing economy is growing on me.


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