January 31st, 2016.

January 31st, 2016.

January ends and I’m already in the red for next month; where the hell did that money go? I know the answer, of course: regular expenses, can’t do without’em. What’s a poor guy to do. Certainly not play poker to advance his fiscal fortune; it’s taking up time that I don’t really have. Those tournaments are plenty fun, but they’re like 3 or 4 hours and I simply don’t have that kind of time. Not when there’s a new bathroom and kitchen to install. In the end that’ll be the better investment of my time, I guess.

Worked Saturday with Nicolas, so I might work Sunday in Copenhagen. Both were more than decent: with N, we went to the library and got books and candy next shop over, and walked and walked towards his desired goal of a coconut, which no supermarket had – so had V and K get one, they were out and about on a girl-trip anyways. Then got back and played xbox, and got out and played soccer in the yard, and later on the hill. Also fun. And I tucked him in, too, so I hope ’twas quality time for him. Came today went to the capital to work on those projects I’m going at, at work, that I don’t have the time for during my regular working week because there’re all of these meeting like one wouldn’t believe. Well, got 8 hours overtime in, which of course works well towards the november pay-out month. Long time from now, I know, but given above money-complaints I’m still looking forward. And, also, it isn’t just any boring work. Plus I get to spend money on bread and chocolate at the Grand Central.

Anything I take on always take on more time than I want it to. I’m an impatient man. I wonder if I’ll some day work a simple 40-hour week, like (hopefully) lots others do. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. If not, I hope work still proves a challenge of the mind, in these later years of my working life.

Somehow miraculeously, V’s doing fine after the worst part of her diet has come to an end. So she’s now an amazing 8 kilos lighter, and for better or worse, around late afternoon she’s not feeling all that hungry despite only having had breakfast. It’s quite visible with her, the weight-loss; I can appreciate she shies from looking at her ‘before’ photo. Well, good on her, her body will be happier – for now – without those extra pounds. Well done.


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