February 14, 2016.

V’s mum came and picked up the kids for a two-night stay at the Nyborg Bed & Breakfast. Originally ’twas all-week slated, but as often happens she backtracked and it’s just brief spell, plus V’s going over there tomorrow so it’s basically just one day. Oh well – we’ve often been here, where she promises left but delivers right. Quite used to it by now, but V gets frustrated just the same. Can’t say I blame her. Her dad came over, too, and asked me if I wanted help with the building I’d planned for Tuesday. Think he was looking for any kind of excuse to get out of the house. So that should be fun.

Went to the movies with V this evening; saw ‘Deadpool’ at the local Victoria Theatre. Being rather supportive of them, saw a forgettable movie with N just yesterday, as we were headed for the library and happnened upon the noon matinee. Good fun, and good timing with a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. At all. Am down some ten grand this month already (housing taxes), but had just this day sold a Hugo Boss suit that Thor gave me – that he was just going to throw out anyway, he’s got a terrible habit of cleaning house without thinking about how much he paid for the stuff originally. And I’ve no need for an expensive suit, so it’s better off with someone else. So, thanks, Thor, for the movie and V’s trip to Funen.

Cleaned out my work-station in the corner, dropped the big ol’ gaming computer in favor of just this laptop and some more space. It’s like digging down into an archiological site, it’s layers upon layers of projects and ‘oh, so I was working on that?’. This new laptop that I’m speaking of, that I got from work, has gotten me into programming mobile games, it’s powerful enough that it can run phone simulators decently. Just trying it out for size, now that I’ve depleted my poker-skills I need some trivial thing for the train-rides. I think back to those C64 manuals, where there concept of ‘sprites’ first came to light; I never, despite my probably-not-best efforts, attempt to create a game. Well here goes. Also it’s good to have that corner cleaned up and out. So there.


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