February 18th, 2016.

Back at work after two ‘care-taking days’. Tuesday worked with Stig on the house, he’d gracefully agreed to help out with getting those steel bars into the walls, so they might carry the new bathroom. Hard labor, I’d like to think that I took most of it upon myself. Yet he’s quite strong for a 70-year old fellow, I must say. I couldn’t have done it without him, methinks. Well, maybe I could, but it would’ve been tough, that’s for sure. In the end I was happy about the result, and he was good company.

Then the next day, Wednesday, we drove to Funen to celebrate N’s 6th birthday. Unfortunately he’d taken on quite a cold, so he was coughing quite a lot, the poor thing. The celebrations were… Well, I was glad to get out of there, around 3 o’clock. A lot of negativity surrounding V’s mum, that I won’t go into now because I’m too tired, made it less than desireable to stick around. Suffice it to say that I’d gotten fed up with all those complaints rolling downhill from her mum, to her, and ultimately to me. I so wish we could take a break from all her wealings and dealings, but I know it’s not in my powers, nor V’s – but it’s still a wish I’ll carry for half a year forward. It’s all a lot plans changing endlessly around, settling neither here nor there, and in the end it’ll become an impromptu session anyway. Anyways. Won’t delve into it. Was glad to be back, and I’m confident Nicolas had a terrific day. And that’s all that ever really matters.


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