February 27th, 2016

Poor kid got the flu, with high fever and cold and heat trips, sensitivity to light, etc. So we didn’t visit with the folks up north anyway. Too bad – had looked forward to setting them up with the new iPad Pro, that sis bought for them. To have that kind of money… I can only dream. Heated argument with V about the financials, thankfully we both emerged relatively unscratched. How she yells and yells… I wish I could get my say in, but it’s not really possible, is it. Her claims of not spending unnecessary money falters when I can see that she’s visiting with toy stores and such at the local mall. But of course she doesn’t wish to be confronted with that, and just yells louder and louder. So, at the end of the month when she’s 600 crowns short to buy food, I can’t point to her poor judgment just three days prior, when she’s buying toys for the kid that he won’t much play with. Stupid. That’s our life, I guess. Don’t think it’s likely to change, too. What can I do.

Work is kinda weighing me down at the moment. I wish I had more time to play around with this mobile game development, that I’m trying to get into, to make a few extra bucks. But there’re deadlines looming and so today I took care of the kid all day long, so that I might tomorrow go to work for a day. Bummer.

All’s not shit, though. It’s nice to go to work when the sun’s coming out. That mobile game development is fun, and the VR revolution is just around the corner, man, it’s going to be a fun future.


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