March 7th, 2016.

Working on my little game on the commute. It’s great to have this small project for myself; everyone should be allowed such a thing. At work, I put down my 37 hours and a lot more, and I do get to call a number of shots. But none are so fulfilling as this, present thing.

Weekend dedicated to the family. Wanted to ensure V had a great Saturday, including taking care of the kids whilst she was away at a concert with her friend Anja. On the Sunday N and I went to the other side of the street, where intermittent snow made for a great outing. Two hours in the cold – more for kids than adults, but he had a great time with the sudden opportunity. K is still terribly sick, coughs and coughs and has been home from school for more than a week, now. It’s probably the same flu as many others are wrestling with, I have colleagues who’s been home for a week or more as well.

The more I think about it, the more I’m liking the idea of working abroad for a few years. Goes hand in hand with thinking about retiring to a different country altogether. There’s an immaturity to this land that I don’t much care about, in caring for refugees, in the elderly, in how our politicians tend to their office. Somewhat intangible, yet it permeades society as a whole. I’m guessing every country has its share of intolerants, and/or something else gone wrong. Still, an intruiging thought.

Soon it’s time for the Easter break. Will need decide how many days I’ll be taking off, if any. I should could do with the remainder of my holidays going into my checking account, instead. But will probably ensure one or two days’ worth of construction.

Tomorrow will meet sis, after hours. Looking much forward.




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