March 13th, 2016.

Drove up to see mum and dad and install that new iPad Pro that sis bought them. Turned out well, they seemed to enjoy the new, faster and bigger experience. Drove back with the car full of books, dvd cases, got a new winter jacket and a pair of Ecco shoes, you name it… And the financial aide was grand, too. Sometimes I feel a little like the black sheep of the family, coming to ask for money while the other siblings are making fortunes. Let’s just say I’m thankful the big sis is not the jaloux type. It’s great that they care, really great. Great to see them again.

Kids seem to be over their various illnesses. V’s couching a lot, though. But the sun’s already up and it’s 7 o’clock as I write this, and there’ll be sunnier hours and more of them from now on.

Completely messed up V’s transfer to the new phone company, didn’t have the sim-card at hand when needed, indeed can’t find the damn thing and went looking in old trash bags and what not. So ordered a new one, but it’ll be 4 days until it arrives and she’ll be fuming near the end I’m sure. So stupid, and not like me at all – I think we must’ve gotten the sim-card letter in between printed commercials and thrown it out along with them. Or something like that.


Haven’t been game developing for a few days. Got the game on V’s phone, but the text was too small and the buttons hence too small to press, and she was pre-occupied with various talk-shows and x-factor or whatever and hadn’t the time for it, and besides the game interface – swipeless – left her rather unimpressed. So I bogged down and lost my nerve and thought ‘to hell with it’. Do want to get back in touch with it, though, but for now will take it slow. It was beginning to become a chore, and that’s not cool.

Man, I wish she’d do more with her evenings. Get creative, get writing, do something productive. I could never waste an evening like that, just lying down and claring into a tv-screen. But it’s her choice, right? So don’t care so much.

Signed up for an evening of rock climbing, with some colleagues. Love climbing, should make it a regular, bi-weekly thing. But who’s got the time for that.


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