March 20th, 2016.

Just chilling in the train after a 9-hour Sunday-stint at work. Times .5 when it gets time for the pay-out, in November, so not a bad day at the office. And had Nicolas for myself yesterday, so needed the ‘break’, if you can call it that. Would’ve rather worked on my little mobile game, but am behind in almost every aspect of the project I’m working on, so no chance of that. Ah well. A good day for getting lots done, though, though am busted out.

The sun sets around now, 18 o’clock. The lighting briefly reminded of me Washington DC, that I passed on a Greyhound bus once. Autumn, I believe, but same kind of light. Great damp smell in the air. And the Pentagon was absolutely huge. Would like to go back, some day. Never really visited the city like Rasmus did, apparently he had a great time there.

I can’t wait for the Virtual Reality revolution to kick in. Many more reviews are coming out these days, and they’re all about how grandiose the experience seems to be. I want to play on the Wimbledon Center court and have the crowd go wild as I take Nadal down. Or that demo of Mount Everest climbing, man, that looks so cool.

Formula 1 season began, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the race. The high-lights will do me fine this season, methinks.

Poor dad caught a cold the minute I left them, he sounds terrible on the phone. I hope he’ll be alright on a few days, kinda worried when he sounds sick like this.


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