March 28th, 2016.

Call from Dennis, informing of his immenent moving-in at his new temporary facility, i.e. an apartment he’s arrange for the next 6 months. So from the 16th of April onwards I’ll probably – likely – be doing my weekly visits. Have really missed those, and by his own words so has he. Glad to find out I wasn’t the only one who got clubbered by that happy hour at the Old English Pub last Wednesday – he confessed to being not very efficient at his workplace, too. Good to hear from him.

This Monday marks the end of the Easter holiday. Most of the folks at work have taken two weeks off, I was pretty much the only one who stayed behind. Glad to have the break, now even more so to see it through. Stig’s birthday at Lousiana proved a wet affair, and we quickly got out of there, too – the entire Eastern seaboard had apparently decided to convey in the North, for reasons of boredom no doubt. Retreated to close-by Hillerød, where we dined at a Jensen’s Steakhouse. Great food, good times, and the view of the Frederiksborg Castle was outstanding. Apparently it’s a national art gallery, I wasn’t aware of that – but will try and get up there with V, some sunny day, as it seemed great scenery. No doubt he, Stig, was glad I drove all the way up there. V’s idea, she’d thought he’d gain from some macho conversation, and I’d like to think she was right. Hope he had a good birthday.

Suggested to V that she take the kids to the Næstved Zoo, for renewal of their season-pass and to get them out of the door so as to enable me to work on the new bathroom. For a change. Big row with her about it, this other day, I forget the murky details but basically just her complaining about the house and about yours truly suggesting she did some more to get things moving. It’s always the same: her bitching about lack of progress, me bemoaning the fact that I can’t get anything done when they’re in the house because she despices the noise and the mess I’m making whilst working. And her mother’s unpredictable as hell and also it’s expensive for them to go there. Some times I wish… Anyways. Got lots and lots done in those few hours. And with those season tickets in hand there’ll hopefully be more hours like those, lurking in the wings.

Happy to hear dad’s mostly over his tough cough; likely a bout of the flu that he’s managed to fend off. Very happy to hear, in fact.

More bicycling with N, he’s at the speed of where he left off last year.

Busy week ahead. Tomorrow will babysit while V goes to Funen, to see some play a family-member is starring in. Wednesday will do some in-door climbing with a few colleagues from work, Thursday am working from home in order to take delivery of those 7.200 crowns worth of building materials I ordered from the local supply store yesterday. Friday, well, I’m sure there’s gotta be something in store. Back in business, but better prepared than ever: i.e. fixed the bicycle, so if all goes well I’ll be moving to and fro the station at my leisure, rather than depend on the at times unreliable bus-commute. Yea!



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