March 31st, 2016.

A very good day, as very good days go: lots and lots of everything done. Worked from home to receive my shipment of building materials, but they never came – called the firm to learn of their waiting for some parts and in the end post-poned until Thursday next. So worked until 15, then did some demolition work on what’s left of the restroom, got much done in the way of that project; great confidence-builder, I should’ve worked in demolition instead of information technology. V and N got back and he suggested he and I took a bicycle trip, which we duely did – downtown, even, to the local Candy Corner shop. Great confidence-builder for him, in turn, in as much as the journey required some skillful maneouvering on bicycle-paths and – golly – public roads. Some fine little adventure, and then we got back and I got the chance to do a little bit of game programming and even saw some progress there, too. Came evening tucked him in, did my usual reading and story-telling and then found time to watch the last part of that ‘Steve Jobs’-movie, the 2016-version with Michael Fassbender in the lead that we watched the first part of version. A good one, build around his most famous product launches and inspired by the biography that I read about him, by Walter Isacsson, tremendous book. A great way to end a good day.

Wanted to emhpasize the day in this particular fashion, of a dedicated entry. You need to acknowledge the great days, it’s not many that stick together like this, where everything just makes sense. Where the kids are having loads of fun on the trampoline, despite their 6 years apart. Where the wife cooks a gorgeus salmon for dinner. And the mortage installment got paid and the finances are not, for just this day, too bad, as the pay-cheque got deposited. And the sun’s been out for most of the day, and the old man sounds much better over the phone than he’s seemed of late, likely soon past that damn flu. And that damn glitch in that mobile game you’re trying to design finally got solved. And there’s time, from working from home, for making love to your wife, that you haven’t been able to for a month or maybe even more because the kids have been a helluva lot of sick and there’s always been some social event. Plus K got a fine haircut downtown, that she actually likes. Oh, and the sun will only be out more from here onwards, and Dennis will soon occupy an apartment for the next half year so I’ll be doing my weekly night out, that I haven’t done in over a year.

A good day. A very good day, even. More like those, please.


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