April 7th, 2016.

It’s nice to see K spending much time with N outside, on the trampoline. Great exercise, great to find them enjoying each other’s company, despite 6 years age difference.

Reading ‘Do No Harm’ by Henry March, British neurosurgeon memories. Great book, really gets the life and death aspect. Very honest account, too, he doesn’t attempt to hide his mistakes.

Virtual Reality is really getting underway. Makes me want to read ‘Ready Player One’ again, but it’d be too soon. I so want to get one of those sets, get it working, get to stand in the Center Court at Wimbledon and play some tennis. Wouldn’t that be something.

Overtime at work hits the 130 hour mark. And there’ll be more from here on. Slept poorly these last few days – might there be a connection? Should try and work less. I always heard the public sector is more kind to its employees than the private one, but I fail to see how I could give more of myself, even though I’m a public servant. But then again, a quick think back on when I had the scanning-firm has me corrected.

Look forward to the weekend, hope to get some construction – and destruction – work done. Worked from home today, in fact, to accept a heap, a literal heap, of building materials from the local XL Byg. Want to put it to good use.


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