April 9th, 2016.

Weekends – utter crap. Get nothing done but child-caring. Here’s to hoping some will say that’s at least something. No work on the bathroom and kitchen, only looking after Nicolas throughout the day. He’s really shit at playing by himself. That’s the way it is: I must leave the home in order to get anything meaningful adult work done. Can’t count on V: She spend five hours reading this morning as “it’s a really gripping book”, then she did in fact do a bicycle-ride with Nicolas while I rested for an hour, though after that I was back in full swing while she slept two hours, likely from having exhausted herself reading. I must confess that I think she’s got it easy, whilst still blaming me that I don’t get much done on the house and such. And despite all my hours tending to him, I’m still the one who reads to him and tells him bedtime story and tucks him in.

Utter crap. And tomorrow I’ll be working a full work-day at his Kindergarten, their fix-it-day. I’m guessing I’ll get back and she’ll go and lie down for hours – because she’ll get tired at the end of the afternoon, because’s she kept herself up too late watching Netflix or what not. And so it goes, round and round.

There. Just needed to get it off my chest.

Boring, boring day.

Got an appointment with the optician, mid-next week. Right eye is horribly, if I only had that at my disposal I’d get nothing done. So time to check out glasses. Those Kevin Costner-things from ‘JFK’ look neat, methinks.


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