April 15th, 2016.

Ok, so I’ve recovered since my last entry. I suppose in some sad way, V’s consoling her girlfriend on her liveless, loveless, listless marriage goes some way in having me recognize, despite her inherent lazyness, that what we have is quite unique. Or at least it seems to be, in a time of 40% marriage collapse and 800.000 and growing singles.

Went to a Louis Nielsen to get some glasses. Has gotten incredibly cheaper since those twenty years ago, when I first went for them: two sets, frames and lenses, for just 800 crowns. Perhaps I’ll even use them, there’s at least a greater chance as the lady of the shop informed me that those old spectacles were horribly unbalanced; so small wonder about the headaches. It’s a bit more complicated machinery, these days – I got to gaze at a magnificient picture of my own eyeballs, with their optic nerves attached to the brain.

Had a bit of time, so went to the Fona electronics store on Strøget. They’re closing down now, across the country, so that’s the end of an era. It’s all online now, they didn’t adjust in time and the competitors take over. I’ve spent a lot of time in there, just taking in all those goodies I couldn’t afford, and occasionally bringing home a physical movie – the horror! Now they’re getting rid of all of it, dutch-style – the prices will go down every week from now. Maybe there’s a chance I’ll secure V a box-set of ‘Colombo’ for Christmas.

I love Copenhagen at this time of year, which covers the next 6 months. It’s a great time to stroll.



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