April 18th, 2016.

Fun for the whole family throughout the weekend. On the Saturday we went to the movies, all 4 of us. Saw ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ at the Holbæk cinema, fine place and fine movie. I actually can’t remember if we ever did that before, going as a family. Kinda hard to fine movies that fits all of our ages, but this one went down fine enough. Took a huge chunk out of the Saturday, too, and so eased us into the Sunday. V took N to his taek-wondo class, where apparently he shines – I’ll make an issue out of going next Sunday, to see for myself. Sunday proved windy-day, so seized the chance and put up N’s kite, which was a great hit with him. K did an awful lot of trampolining with him, so I got to do some demolition work, plus I put together some boxes for planting, out of old boards and fences I’d hid away under the terrace. And in the evening V made burgers and we dined in front of the television for yet another family Kung Fu Panda event. Good stuff.


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