May 4th, 2016.

It’s a bit of a mess at work, presently. Much bickering about assignments, unwillingness to budge to different ideas, too many cooks yet on the other hand too many dictators. The general business plan on which the specific project is based is wholly flawed, and all suffer when trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. So I’m trying to do my best, which doesn’t always involve standing down from a fight. I’ll make a stand like the best of’em. But it’s never easy with these things, and certainly the mood and the productivity turns south. There can’t be 3 or 4 winners in a 100 yard dash, some will always leave the party unfulfilled. A manager-role is much needed to sort these things out, but that’s not in the cards and won’t be for a foreseeable future.

Meanwhile I’m weighing my options, looking for an exit sign. Sent an application for a lead-developer job to the University of Copenhagen, seems like a suitable position for yours truly – but then again so did this current one. Would like to think that I’ve learned a thing or two, in the past three years, though.

Let’s see how it goes. I’m happy to note that I’m not one of those who shy away from either the fight nor from taking my time elsewhere, if push come to shove. Too many will fall into their work and become encased and will never leave it, even though they may be unhappy there throughout.

I remembered that temp-job that I once held, as a dish-washer in a cantina in Hellerup. Low-vage, trivial as heck. But the staff was really great to be around, and it was a very happy scene, never a frown. Just goes to show.

Tomorrow some kind of Christian holiday, the day after that I’ve taken off, and then there’s the weekend. Stig will stop by and help out with the new bathroom, always enjoyable to work with him. Did I mention his work-ethics, it’s magnaminous. Will take him to a steak-house, as a small token of appreciation. Meanwhile, V and the kids will be on the Oslo-ferry, undoubtedly having a great time. Good stuff.


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